We all know that our pet’s diet is very important for his/her wellbeing, but, sometimes, due to lack of knowledge or because we spoil our pets too much, we make some mistakes that might affect their health. At Lenda we are nutritional experts, that is why we recommend you to identify which ones are the most common mistakes in your pet’s diet to know how to avoid them:

A bad schedule of the intakes

Each pet has different needs, but, in general, the rule of giving only one intake per day is not recommended. The best option is to understand your best friend and to know how many times he needs to eat, creating, after this, fixed times to eat, avoiding obesity and anxiety issues. Most of the time, two to three intakes per day would be enough and, after eating, we should clean the bowl to avoid the bacterias to spread or avoid dust or humidity.  

Be careless about quantities

It is important to pay attention to the portions that we serve to our pets. At Lenda’s packaging you can find the table showing the right portion depending on the animal weight. Like this, we can provide the right amount of food adapted to the size, age and activity of the dog or cat.

Sudden changes in the habits 

Our pets usually suffer abrupt changes on their diets. The same as with hours to eat, what they eat should be stable and, in the case that we make any changes, it is important to get them ready in advance. A good trick if we need to change their feeding habits is to mix the new option with the old one, increasing the new one slowly.

Neglect the cleaning

Our pet’s digestive system is very sensitive, this is why we should be very careful and pay attention to the cleaning when it comes to feeding them. Their bowl has to be cleaned every day, and it is better if we choose a material easy to disinfect material, as aluminium. On top of the cleaning, it is a must to check that the food is in good condition, on date to be eaten and kept in a sealed packaging or container in a fresh and dry place.

Feed them with humans food

Our dishes usually make our pet’s get curious and, sometimes, it is difficult for us to deny them a piece of what we are eating. However, we strongly advise against it because, on top of being a cause of obesity, our food could contain trace elements as dangerous for them as the grapes, chocolate or nuts. It is also not recommended to give them bones, they might cause injuries or even to choke. Lenda’s food has a high nutritional value and stands out for being made with high quality ingredients. If you have a dog or a cat of any age and physical conditions, at Lenda you will find the perfect option for your pet’s needs.

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