Our pets are one more in the family and Christmas is a special time to make them part of our celebrations. Here is when we think, what could I buy for them in Christmas? At Lenda we give you some ideas for you to make your pet to enjoy as much as they can during this party time.

These toys are very important for learning and mental health, because they help to control their anxiety and nerves. If your pet doesn’t have a biter yet, take as an excuse that it is Christmas time to buy them one. Balls, bones, small fishes… There are many different shapes and materials to choose from. Even if this is a very common toy in pets, there are also some for cats. It is always recommended to get information in a trustful shop about which is the more suitable toy for our pet’s age and conditions.

Scrapers are, no doubt, the best present ever for your cat and its benefits are much more than to sharpen their nails. Thanks to this toy, our felines can play and surface their instincts and release tension; it also helps prevent obesity, stressful episodes and give your furniture a chance. There are many options but, in general, are more recomendable the ones that allow them to climb.

Think about commodity
Christmas might be the perfect time to renew their beds, blankets and relaxing spaces. It is very convenient to change these spaces quite often and, of course, this makes it the perfect present for them. To avoid allergies and any danger it is always recommendable to buy them in a specialised shop and get advice from the experts. If at the beginning our pet does not pay much attention, we should not worry about it, they will start using them sooner than later.

On top of being one of dog’s favorites, Kong is very helpful for their learning process and it is suitable for any age. This toy, made from a flexible material, has being designed to introduce food inside and can be used as a biter or a feeding bawl. If we introduce a bit of Lenda’s wet food, we will make lunch time a play time and they will eat much better.

To brush can be the best cuddle time with our cat or dog. Before we buy a new brush it is convenient to find one that adapts the best to our pet’s hair. It is also a good idea to get a spray to avoid knots, and turns into a very special moment between you and your pet.

Christmas is the perfect time to introduce new complements in your pet’s life: a raincoat for the winter, a harness to wear on walk time… There are many very useful elements that for sure your pet is going to love. We can also use Christmas as an excuse to wear reindeer ears or Santa’s hats. Whenever we buy these presents we have to check that it is not going to harm our pet and to avoid any element that might fall from them as balls or little bells.

Have you heard about yoga or spas for dogs? Now there are many more experiences like this that we can give as a present to our pets. There are many activities that can be sportif, massages, a pet friendly walk… Where your pet will enjoy as much as you.

Deli box
A snack box can be the best present for our pets. If you know that they go crazy for this kind of healthy aperitives, you will enjoy seeing their happy faces. Place some Lenda snacks on the bottom of your thee! Snacks are perfect to reward them for their behavior and they are highly nutritious and safe for them to enjoy with no danger.

Make a note of these ideas and give a deserved present to your pet this Christmas.

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