One of the most common toys among our dogs are balls and among them, it is very common to use tennis balls as they are easy to get, have affordable prices and thanks to their characteristics (can, colour, hardness) they are very appealing to our dogs. However, these types of balls are very dangerous for them!

They can be very dangerous for them!

Keep reading and find out why you shouldn’t use them as a toy for your dog.


Hazardous materials


Tennis balls consist of an empty rubber shell with pressurised gases inside, such as nitrogen, which make the ball bounce and fly, and the cover is lined with felt containing fibreglass. In addition, they have colourings and other chemical substances, which make them resistant to rain, and give them their characteristic yellow colour.

If our dog bites and breaks the ball continuously, this composition will be harmful to his health as it can affect his mucous membranes, his stomach and his intestine.



Danger of suffocation


Dogs with large, strong jaws are capable of chewing them to pieces without much effort. The problem comes if they swallow these pieces as they can clog their respiratory passages which can be very dangerous if not detected in time.

But it is not only the choking that is dangerous.

But it’s not just a danger to large dogs. The lint that covers these balls is very attractive to smaller dogs as it is very easy to tear off. This fluff is usually made of nylon or wool which acts like sandpaper for your dog’s teeth. They can also get caught in his teeth, get stuck in his stomach or, as mentioned above, block his breathing.




Tennis balls are not made for dogs


These balls are designed only as a sporting element and not as a dog toy. That is why they do not meet the necessary safety requirements to be considered as a suitable toy for our furry friends.

Many objects that surround us on a daily basis may seem like perfect toys but we must be very careful because, as with tennis balls, they can be harmful if they are well analysed.


We must be very careful.

Choose the right toy


Just because tennis balls aren’t suitable for your dog doesn’t mean that the game of tossing the ball is over!

There are numerous toys available for your dog.

There are numerous toys that imitate the design of tennis balls that are safe. In addition, they can be luminous, float in water, have holes in which you can hide food or have sounds and are perfect for sharpening the senses and keeping your dog active and entertained.

If your dog likes to chew on toys, look for those that are not too hard and are made of a material that gives a little when bitten. It is important that it has a suitable hardness to avoid damaging his teeth and that it does not give too much when your dog bites it so that it does not break.


It is important that it has the right hardness to avoid damaging their teeth.

In any case, from Lenda we recommend buying these toys in specialised shops to avoid possible problems and for your dog to have a great time in a safe way!

We recommend that you buy these toys in specialised shops to avoid possible problems and for your dog to have a great time in a safe way.

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