When do I have to brush my dog’s teeth?, how often do I have to brush him or give him a bath?

Dog’s grooming might seem an unpleasant duty, especially when we have a stressful and busy life. The best way is to find little spaces to clean your dog more often, for 5 or 10 minutes.

With the teeth, it should be an habit. It is much better to do it almost every day for 5 minutes and once a week a bit longer.

What about the hair? Short sessions but frequently, getting a bath from time to time, will keep your dog clean and comfortable. To brush them frequently makes them look much better as we distribute natural oils along all their body and make them look healthy and shiny. Moreover, it avoids knots and removes residues. Long hair breeds, as Golden Retriever and Terranova, need to be brushed longer, almost every day, mainly if you walk with him in the countryside. Short hair breeds, as Dalmatas or Beagles, are not as difficult to brush, but it is still recommended to brush them regularly as it reduces hair loss.

And, of course, we can´t forget about the relationship that we create when we brush them.

If your dog keeps clean brushing him he will need a bath less often. In general, dogs need to get a bath once every 3 months, but if he has been playing around outside he might need an extra one. In any case, remember that your pet needs a special shampoo for dogs or puppies, not for humans, which can contain substances or ingredients that could irritate his skin. It is not good to bathe him very often because his fur could lose some of the natural oils that protect it, and like this it would lose shyne and natural gloss.

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