If you’re lucky enough to live with a cat, you’ve probably noticed at some point thatthey have a strange habit of throwing many objects on the floor, for example, on top of a table. 

You have probably wondered why they throw it away or why, even if you put it back on the table, they throw it away again. 

Have you ever had this happen to you? Read on to find out some reasons why!


They are made to hunt



You’ve probably noticed that, when they look at this object, it’s as if they can’t help but want to throw it away. As if it were something superior to them. And so it is.

Cats, as we all know, are very curious animals that also have a great hunting instinct as they are predators by nature. All this makes it impossible for them to resist the temptation and they have to throw the object to the ground.

They actually do this because they think it is a potential prey and they need to make sure and verify that it is not moving and that it is “dead”.




He wants to get your attention



If your cat ever dropped something by accident and you reacted in a conspicuous way, it may do it again to get your attention.

This is a common behaviour in cats living in flats as they may often be bored, but it can also be because they are hungry or their litter box is dirty. Basically, they are looking for areaction and interacting with you, so the solution is always to pay more attention to your cat to meet their basic needs.


He wants to play



Of course, one of the possible reasons for this is simply to play. If the object is placed in an elevated area it will be much more attractive to him. 

As we said before, they are hunting animals and tend to play with their prey before eating it. Therefore, it is normal for them to throw the object to the ground, chase it, push it and play for a few minutes because it is the innate behaviour they have developed since birth.


You are in their territory



Cats are very territorial and always select areas of the territory in which they live. If your cat considers a table, for example, to be his property, he will have no problem pushing away objects that bother him. So, you can take the opportunity to redecorate the house, always in consultation with your cat first. 

Jokes aside, the way to solve this problem is to impose rules in your home. If your cat tends to knock things off tables, you should forbid him to climb on them. But you have to be very consistent and make no exceptions, otherwise he will always keep trying. 

Spaying and neutering is a way of reducing the territorial nature of cats, as well as being very beneficial for their health.


You may be losing your eyesight



This option would be feasible if the way your cat throws things is very exaggerated and, rather, if instead of consciously throwing things, it does so in an unwanted way. If your cat becomes clumsy, it may be becoming blind.

It is important to always keep an eye on your furry companion and if you notice any strange behaviour, seek advice from your veterinarian


In short, you will have to be patient with some of your cat companion’s behaviours, but remember, we all have our quirks!

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