To bring a new dog home it is simply happiness but we have to be ready and be very patient. For the new one to be adapted it can take from two days to two months, and this will depend on you and on your pet. There are some facts about their age, any previous experience that might have had, the dog’s personality… All this is not under your control, but there are other facts that you can control.

Here you have 10 advices to make this process easier for everyone:

  1. Get ready for everything that your pet is going to need: dog collar and leash, food, bowls for food and water and, of course, some toys.
  2. Try to get some time to spend with him/her. If he arrives on a weekend or you have some free days, better.
  3. About jealousy: make sure that you also pay attention to other animals or people that are at home. Everyone has to adapt to this new situation.
  4. Bring him/her to the veterinarian as soon as possible, mainly if you have any other animal(s) at home and to fill their vaccine book.
  5. You should establish some rules for the care of the dog: who is going to take him out in the morning?, is he going to be allowed to be on the sofa?, where is he going to sleep at night?
  6. Discipline. The dog might know who is the boss but, whenever you find him doing something that he is not allowed, keep calm and make him know straight away with a strong voice tone and disappointment. At the same time, if he does something good, say nice things to him.
  7. Get him his own space. A box with enough space for him to be able to lay down there and move. At the end of the corridor or in a delimited kitchen space would be cool.
  8. Don’t forget to plan some playing time with your pet. Sometimes, something as simple as through him a ball or a stick helps your dog to do exercise and to get closer to him.
  9. Get him to go out often with a leash that will get him used to be by you all the time.
  10. Be patience and reasonable with what you expect. He will need time to adapt, but soon you will realise that you have a friend for life-

We hope that you enjoy your new pet!

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