With the arrival of spring and with the situation we are experiencing, outdoor plans are gaining more and more prominence. That is why today we are going to talk about a very fun plan that we can do while the weather (and Covid restrictions) allows it: let’s go to the beach with our dog or, if you do not leave nearby, go to a river or lake.

Nowadays, there are more and more beaches that allow dogs, but still some that do not. Even so, there is the possibility of going to the other beaches as long as we follow the established rules. We have to check the law that regulates this matter that affects all the beaches. For example, in Spain is the Coastal Law Law 2/2013, of May 29, on the protection and sustainable use of the coastline and the modification of Law 22/1988, of July 28 , of Costas.

Once we know how the regulations in our area work, we give you some tips to keep in mind and enjoy a day at the beach with our furry:



Before the beach

Bring everything you need to take good care of your dog:

  • The documents of the animal. It is important to bring your card and information.
  • Water to drink and, if you are going to be out for a long time, food.  
  • Some toys and if they float, even better.
  • Bags to collect his stools. 
  • Sunscreen for dogs and pad protector. 
  • Collar and leash. It is recommended that your dog have a badge on the collar with your information, his name and information about if he has a chip, in case anything happens.


At the beach

Once we are in the beach it is important:

  • To respect the rules established in terms of beaches in your locality. 
  • Take into account the weather conditions. Make sure that the sea is not choppy, that it is not very cold and neither a very hot day. 
  • Keep your dog well hydrated, with fresh and clean water. Do not let him drink sea water as it can cause salt poisoning. 
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and exercise and do not play in the hottest hours of the day. Heat stroke is one of the risks that your dog can run. 
  • Do not lose sight of your dog, especially if it is the first time he is going to the beach. 
  • Do not forget to collect the excrement from him and deposit them in a suitable place.


After the beach

When we get home from the beach:

  • It is advisable to bathe your dog with fresh water and shampoo to be able to remove the salt and the remains of sand. 
  • Clean his ears and eyes to avoid leaving traces of salt and sand.


So now you know, take advantage of the good weather and go for a walk on the beach with your furry!

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