At this point, there are not specialist (almost) that doubts about the benefits of a dry food diet (or dry food combined with wet food cans), but it is true that many customers wonder which ingredients are added to this dry croquetes, and if it would be better option than a home-made diet. There are even some pet owners that think that all dry pet food is the same or similar, or that think that the more expensive is the better. 

This is why we will post a few blog entries talking about the most important thing for pets: their ingredients.

By law, every packed food has to indicate the ingredients list in the packaging. If we spend some time checking this, we will see an interminable list of names, some that we know and another that we never heard before. 

As it happens with human diet, which labels we are more used to read, there are different qualities in terms of raw materials and, of course, there are some substances (natural or artificial) that we use as preservatives, colourings, flavourings,… A Super Premium pet food should not add any of those from an artificial source, but they need to add some natural preservatives to extend the product´s life and to not get the fat that is included degraded.

We have to pay attention to ingredients that some brands use to “fill”: they are not harmful themselves, but their nutritional profile is so low or even can be related with skin issues, allergies, otitis,… that we never use them in Lenda recipes.


Veterinarians warn that there are more dogs and cats with allergic reactions or intolerances to some ingredients, this is why it is always better to search hypoallergenic recipes and get the pet food that matches the better for our animal necessities.


Another thing that usually worries pet owners is about “ashes”: what are they and what do they indicate? First of all, we have to say that ash is not an ingredient itself, it is a remain that bones leave during the production process. Based on this, the biggest quantity of ashes that the recipe indicates, the more bone quantity of bonnes was added to the recipe. It is not bad that it contains small quantities, but dog food that has a lot of ashes shows that, for example, in two recipes with the same count of meat but with 6% and 8% of ashes there is a big difference in terms of the meat quality that it was used. 


When we say that Lenda only uses Super Premium ingredients, what do we mean?

– Every single ingredient is grade A or Cat 3 (highest quality grade), which means, suitable for human consumption. We do not use animal by-products, only top quality products.

– All the ingredients come from the EU, being mostly from spanish sources.

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