Although everyone has their own taste and prefers one style or another, it would be difficult to imagine a life without music. And who doesn’t like to dance, sing or both? 


Music can change our mood in a matter of seconds, motivate us, cheer us up or make us sad. It can make us remember moments and experiences from the past and imagine future situations. But… have you ever wondered if your pet likes music?


Well, stick around if you want to find out!


Just like us, animals can send and receive different messages through sounds, but they can also have preferences for them, which can be translated into musical preferences.

Zoomusicology is the science that studies the relationship between music and animals, seeking to know how they react to these stimulus and the effects on their behavior. Depending on the music played, they may relax or become more nervous, but it’s the same for us! The difference is that it is not a question of musical taste, preference for a singer or a style, but it has to do with the stimulus caused by these sounds.

Many studies have shown that the favorite music of our furry friends is classical music, since they always show an emotional response when they listen to it. But a recent study, made by the University of Glasgow, suggested that another style they like, dogs in this case, is reggae and soft rock.



Benefits of music at home


You can use music as a tool to help your pet through his or her most difficult times. Those furry ones who suffer from anxiety, separation stress, stress from external elements (like fireworks) or who are hyperactive, will feel much better with music. 

To relate it to something positive, it is advisable to play music at times when your pet is calm and comfortable (for example, mealtime). Once you have established this positive association, you can gradually include it in moments of stress, recovery or sadness. You’ll see how it improves!



Music for dogs 


In the case of dogs, the possibilities are bigger. Depending on how your dog is, he will prefer one musical style or another. You can search in different music platforms and test how your dog reacts and even look for playlists already created for them. 

Depending on the different types and genres of music, your dog will react differently and this is proven! Different studies have shown that with classical music they feel calmer and more relaxed. On the other hand, listening to heavy music, their reaction is agitated and abrupt, you just have to find out what your furry one prefers!

As a demonstration, you can try playing bagpipe sounds to your dog and see what happens!



Music for cats


With cats, it’s a different story, but don’t worry because they’ve thought about them too. Composer David Teie created a playlist of music for our home felines called “Music for cats” – just as you read it! What makes this playlist special for felines is that it is made up of sounds suitable for a cat’s sensitive ear. It includes purrs and sounds that kittens produce when they are suckled by their mothers, being real music with repetitions and variations perfectly suitable for them.


So enjoy two of life’s pleasures together: your pet and music!


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